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Our Roots

Slabtown Cider Co. is rooted in the very foundation of its name. Our apple trees and rootstock were transplanted from Siloam Orchards - previously located northwest of Durham 8.

Founded in 2017, Slabtown is a family-owned and operated cidery and orchard. Located on the Oak Ridges Moraine just south of Uxbridge and surrounded by forest, trails and rolling fields. We have been working very hard to revitalize over 90 acres of historic fields into one of Canada’s largest collections of unique heritage heirloom apple cider varieties.


Why Slabtown? 

Established in 1870, the Siloam hamlet of Randallville historically held 10 houses, a post office, a school … and a lumber mill.

The original settlement town, which focussed on the lumber and sawmill industry, quickly became known as “Slab Town” because of the piles of wood slabs stored around the mill.

After experiencing the boom-and-bust of the lumber industry, the town eventually disappeared along with the local supply of logs.

We have made it part of our mission to preserve the history of Slab Town, Uxbridge and the historic orchards of Siloam now located on the property of Slabtown Cider Co.